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Form and function: design the perfect bathroom

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

A wash closet, as they used to call them, and more to date - a wet room - is usually a neglected space in the house where budget and attention are portioned off to other areas instead. A bathroom should not be abandoned!

The advantage of this canvas is its size - small spaces allow for a creative flare - they aren't on show continuously on account of their secluded nature.. only viewed in bite size pieces! Be bold, let your heart's desire take flight using colour, materials, lighting and finishes. Whether this room is a brief selah for guests, a high traffic area, or your personal sanctuary after a long day, with a few simple principles it can transform a bland space into a spa-like retreat.

Natural light is important where possible, however added candles, under-counter lighting, and down lights on dimmer switches can atone for what could otherwise be gloomy quarters.

Experiment with repeated pattern and shape - this space is budget-friendly to complete a look and follow a scheme through, using form in your function. There are marvellous ranges of waterproof tiling for a sensational shower, and endless arrays of hardware finishes. The right paint hues and tones, along with playful pattern, can transform a seemingly crowded, insipid bathroom into something that feels light, fresh and spacious.

Happy lavations!

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