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The Future of Home Design

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Make no mistake, the world has been changing rapidly in the world of Design. New technologies; greener, more efficient products architecturally and aesthetically; as well as awareness of repurposing and optimising, was setting the scene prior to the onset of the Covid Pandemic. In an Industry that prides itself in innovation and continuous development, even we in the Design World have had to adapt to a new market, with a different set of requirements, function, and limitations… And that’s where we thrive! It’s the perfect melting pot for creative solution.

Not only has this inspired adapting and reshaping our businesses, services and rollout, it has broken new ground in exposing our greater social responsibility. It is imperative to society at large to have a home where one not only weathers the storms, but to reveal form and function in ways that now encompass so many more complex – and often opposing – needs. Privacy for home office setups, Zoom calls, appropriate surface space and storage, and task lighting for working from home. Healthy mind and body solutions incorporating fitness stations that don’t eat up valuable real estate in the home. Multi-purpose furnishings which transition from useful to setting the scene for relaxation and restoration.

Beyond aesthetics, Interior Design is essential for the impact it has on the occupants mood, productivity, quality of life and interactions with other members of the household. Time spent inside your home opens your eyes not only to those items that need seeing to, but also investing otherwise unspent vacation budget to your immediate and ever-present surroundings. Interior Design creates such sanctuary space within your walls.

It has become imperative for us in the industry to design with empathy at the forefront of the creative process where spaces now evoke comfort, style, and a sense of serenity. Inspiring the next generation of developers paves the way for Interior Design to become ever better, enhanced, progressive, precise and essential, as the collaboration between Designer, Artist and Client - with quality of outcome - create cohesive proposals that speak to stunning solution. Homeowners have a newfound realisation of the need to Renovate, Redefine and Refresh, and can now engage more actively in the creative process, tailoring objectives to their unique situation.

Interior Design is at the forefront of remodelling approach to living and utilising space, responding to the very challenges brought on by the pandemic. Finding solutions to problems that have arisen in our society through extraordinary expression of design goes beyond the aesthetic. Product development in furniture design, is an example of creatives responding to these new challenges in remarkable ways, calling us to do that which we do best – inspire, innovate, create, repurpose, and enhance. It is this passion, and these skillsets, which convert our baseline academic knowledge to tangible results, reaching individuals in their essential, daily lives...

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