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Minimalistic styling. Art statement. Scandi-chic


VAT Included
Colour: Natural
  • This collection of wool lumbars are beautifully handcrafted by women’s co-operatives in the Morocco High Atlas Mountains.  The processing of the wool happens completely manually, and each lumbar is handwoven and knotted.  No chemicals are used, and dyes are obtained from natural materials and sources such as plants and minerals. Each cushion takes about two weeks to make, and is subject to unique colour and stitching variations, making each piece distinctly one of a kind.  The unique imperfections celebrates the human hands that have made each item.



    W | 900 L | 300

    W | 500 L | 300


    W | 500 L | 500



    – Wash cold at 40°C
    – Air dry
    – Safe to tumble dry

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